Botanical Art Classes

Students at Studio
Pictures: From the classroom 2009 - 2020

      "Soon after I arrived in Kathmandu.......... I enjoy my painting classes very much and thanks to Neera, my childhood dreams are gradually becoming reality. And every time I see beautiful flowers, I immediately think of what it would be like to paint them."

Emira Doric Muftic
April,2009, Canada
2nd Annual Botanical Art Class Room Show 2010:

      It has been for the five of us, and those that have moved on, such a pleasure working and learning under the gentle guidance of Neera Joshi. Her passion and patience are the passwords to this course that she teaches..............

     Our classes are full of laughter, humor from Nepal, America, Korea, UK, Malaysia, Bosnia and Canada. Sometimes there is total silence, with heads bent over brush in hand, at other times conversation flows, bubbling with warmth, excitement, for Neera has changed each of our lives. So thank you Neera Joshi for bringing us to life here in Nepal, Showing us the way to new artistic adventures.

Victoria Deppert
Kathmandu, February 13th, 2010

Botanical art course for Beginners/ Intermediate levels

10 days course
Who can join?

Students with art and science background are strongly encouraged.
Time: 10:30- 1:00 (2 hours per day)


Contact me at to find a suitable time slot


Khumaltar Lalitpur

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