About Botanical Art and illustration

Botanical Art and illustration is not only about painting pretty flowers, it’s about the art of understanding Botany. It is about the mysterious and spellbinding natural world of plant species portraying the essence and aesthetic of plants in a disciplined manner after study and research. It is about the scientific method of visual communication in understanding the world of plants at different levels.

About Neera Joshi Art works
Paintings on Abstraction

Neera Joshi has been painting for two decades. Watercolor is the medium that motivated her to pursue painting and since she started painting flowers, she has not found a need to turn elsewhere. Botanical art is a genre that unifies her creativity with nature. And there is a parallel artistic journey she has taken off where she figuratively represents enlarged petals. These are more conceptual in nature as she reveals her state of mind in order to understand her relation with the nature that surrounds her. Eventually her intention in creating this sort of painting is to reflect the outer surroundings in her inner self. Therefore her central theme is the oneness with nature. Besides watercolor, acrylic is another medium that she regularly uses.

Our state of mind along with our culture has evolved in such ways that it arouses spiritual space in our psyche. This sense of spirituality cannot be completely contained in words or images; however, it continuously gets an outlet through our behavior. And this behavior which is deeply rooted in our own psychology takes us closer to nature. Since the artist has always remained a compassionate disciple of nature, understanding her connection with nature is always of a primary regard to her. This is when she conceptualized a painting that actually satisfied her creative curiosity. Therefore painting enlarged petals for her is leaping into the unlimited flow of existence; it deals with the spiritual side of her will to connect with the existential yet absolute nature. Her artworks can be suitably described as spiritual figurative abstraction, a term that conveniently characterizes the contemporary art of Nepal.

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